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NUINT 2020


RENO detector, Younggwang, KOREA

NuInt 2020

13th International Workshop on Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions in the Few GeV Regions


(New Schedule)
5th Oct. ~ 10th Oct. 2020

Hoam Faculty House

Seoul National University




NuInt 2020 is the 13th of a series of workshops devoted to the discussion of neutrino-nucleus interactions, in the broad regime relevant to astrophysical applications and accelerator-based searches of neutrino oscillations. The Workshop is meant to address a diverse audience-with the aim of fostering synergies and collaborative efforts.



  1. Theoretical Issues of Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions

  2. Neutrino Flux Calculations and Measurements

  3. Neutrino Interaction Generators

  4. Neutrino CC and NC Scattering without Pion Production

  5. Neutrino Pion Production and Other Inelastic Interactions

  6. Electron Scattering and Other Non-neutrino Measurements

  7. Shallow/Deep Inelastic and Inclusive Scattering

  8. Low Energy Neutrino Scattering

  9. Future Experiments

   Hosting Institutions


     Seoul National University

     Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 

     Institute for Basic Science

     Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

     Kyungpook National University 




   VISA Information
NuInt 2020 will provide an official invitation letter for participants per request. (